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My name in James Hall and I teach an English Teaching Methodologies class for aspiring English teachers and advising 5 senior students (one is in the USA). This blog is will be used as a forum to discuss issued in EFL in Japan. This blog will also serve as a portal to the learners' blogs as I will periodically summarize the hot topics appearing in the learners' blogs. Please come join us!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Teachers' Employment Test in Japan

Keywords: Teacher Employment, Japan
This year, Eri, Montiti, and Olive plan on taking the teacher's employment examination. Eri and Olive want to be elementary school teachers while Montiti aims to be a junior high school English teacher. The teacher's employment examination in Japan is extremely difficult to pass. My (very rough) estimate is that only about 20% of the applicants pass the test every year. This week Montiti and Olive blogged about what they have to do to prepare for the test. A post about this subject from Eri will be coming in the near future.


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