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My name in James Hall and I teach an English Teaching Methodologies class for aspiring English teachers and advising 5 senior students (one is in the USA). This blog is will be used as a forum to discuss issued in EFL in Japan. This blog will also serve as a portal to the learners' blogs as I will periodically summarize the hot topics appearing in the learners' blogs. Please come join us!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

ETM 3 Blogs about Teaching Grammar

I gave ETM3 students a list of all the grammar taught in Japanese junior high schools and asked them to write about which grammatical element on the list was most difficult for them to learn and how would they teach it. Below I have listed the names of the students and grammar that the students wrote about:

Happy Days: Relative Pronouns
Cheesecake: Present Perfect Tense
John Wang: Present Perfect Continuous
Eringo: Present Perfect
Patapata: Present Perfect Tense
Shota: Indirect Interrogatives
ELLE: Relative Pronouns
Relative Pronouns


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