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My name in James Hall and I teach an English Teaching Methodologies class for aspiring English teachers and advising 5 senior students (one is in the USA). This blog is will be used as a forum to discuss issued in EFL in Japan. This blog will also serve as a portal to the learners' blogs as I will periodically summarize the hot topics appearing in the learners' blogs. Please come join us!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Visiting Mr. M's School

A few weeks ago Mr. M, an English teacher in Morioka, came to our class and gave us some general advice about how to teach in a junior high school. Students of ETM3 highlighted the important parts of Mr. M's presentation in their blogs and used the information to give advice to ALTs or university students who were about to begin work at a junior high school (see the previous post). Last week, we went to Mr. M's school and observed some classes. ETM 3 learners wrote about what they observed and how the priniciples Mr. M talked about were evident in the English classes at his school. Below are the posts of students who wrote about going to Mr. M's school:

Pinch Hitter
Yoshie hb


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