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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Students Analyzing their Learning Experiences - A Follow up

On the post below, I summarized the results of the questionnaire I gave ETM3 learners about their language learning experience. I also summarized learners' responses to the following 5 statements: 1. My most enjoyable language learning experience has been…. 2. My least enjoyable language learning activity has been … 3. My most valuable language learning activity has been … 4. My least valuable language learning activity has been .... 5. In general my language learning experience has been ....
Today, in class, ETM3 learners talked about what they thought was most interesting about the results. Here is a summary of what they said:
  • Most of the ETM 3 members tended to enjoy such language learning activities as watching TV, learning songs and speaking English with their teachers. These activities had characteristics of speaking and listening
  • Most people think that all the activities on the questionnaire were valuable except writing poetry. (Note from JH. Cheesecake did write that it was her most enjoyable activity though.)
  • Most ETM learners thought activities such as memorization, translating and grammar rules were valuable but were not fun.
  • Some people think that reading aloud is valuable but some people did not. Chocolate Ice Cream said in class that reading aloud is not valuable because there is a difference between reading and conversation. She elaborated “I think reading aloud is not valuable because readers do not focus on the meaning.”
  • Two people think that reading aloud is valuable but one person think it is not valuable. Why this difference?
  • Many people think memorization is least enjoyable but valuable. Why does least enjoyable become most valuable? We think that is because if we study memorization we can get a high score so it is valuable.
  • Most of us thought that all athe language learning activities were valuable.
  • Most people do not like memorization but they think it is valuable.
  • RIP thinks conversation is very important but if we don’t know grammar we cannot speak English.


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